´If you´re not prepared to be wrong, you´ll never come up with anything original´
Sir Ken Robinson


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The element* is the appealing title of one of the most well-known books by Sir Ken Robinson.
*It is defined as the point at which natural talent meets personal passion, enabling people to achieve their highest levels.

The author

The British writer, who currently lives in Los Angeles, is an expert in creativity and innovation. He has worked in collaboration with several European and Asiatic governments, international enterprises and entities and some of the most important cultural organizations.

The book

The book focuses on analyzing the element´s different aspects and how everyone is able to find it. To do it, he goes through a wide range people and their life experiences; from singers, actors, writers to bussinessmen, economists, mathematicians... This way, he brilliantly illustrates that age and occupation are no barrier to reaching your element.

The writer also refers to the multiple intelligence approach in the book, as a way of exploring people´s talents and as an essential tool to thinking differently. He demands a real transformation of the Educational System which totally forgets about learner´s artistic side.

Although the topic does not make an easy reading, it is an intelligent book aimed at personal development and sucess in life. I strongly recommend you this book. This is a book all teachers should read. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Susana Aguilera Villalobos, CPEIP San Jorge, Pamplona, Navarra.


Video de Sir Ken Robinson

Teaching Phonics For Children
Phonics is a method use to teach our children English. This method,involves teachinghow to connect the sounds of spoken English with letters or groups of letters.
Phonics is a set of rules that children should remember and apply when forming new words.
With the simple rules of Phonics in mind, it aids the children in the following aspects:
  • Makes Learning and Forming New Words Easier.
  • Makes Reading Easier:Phonics teaches them how to break down words through sounds.
  • Makes Learning Spelling Easier:Mastering Phonics will enable children to blend words and at the same time teaches them how to dissect certain words.

Songs for learning phonics

Songs are an excellent tool for young children to learn to ‘hear’ the sounds of English language and visually make the connection between the letter(s) and the sound. They are a fun and interesting way of helping children learn the 42 letter sounds of English.
You can find lots of phonics songs:

By Margarita Martín,
CPEIP San Jorge, Pamplona, Navarra.